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ISBN#: 9780979777399
June 2010
Cheyenne Publishing
Trade Paperback
224 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Miguel is tired of the fast pace life in Mexico City and moves to the little town of Comaltican where he hopes to find his niche. Little did he know that he would not only find his niche but quite possibly his future.

Reuben and the children of the Internado quickly find that Miguel is an important part of their lives and are unwilling to let him go easily. They will struggle to adjust and build relationships that will make them all stronger.

Miguel feels that his life in Comaltican is temporary and soon he will return to Mexico City. Reuben and his students are unwilling to see him go and will do everything they can to get him to stay.

Welcome to the journey of Miguel. Normal Miguel is one man’s journey through self discovery in a culture that is less than forgiving of same sex relationships. The characters are interesting, but the story fails to live up to the characters. I found myself considerably more interested in the student’s growth than the main characters. Normal Miguel is an interesting read for the Mexican culture and the Internado students which shows the vast experience the author has gathered through his life.

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