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ISBN: 1555-5496
September 2009
Midnight Showcase
112 Pages
Paranormal / Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

At a crossroads in her life, Sondra takes off for a vacation that is all about finding some answers within herself. She has no idea just how complicated her life is about to become.

There is nothing like being a Viking god, but Heimdall is still missing one thing, a woman he can give his heart to.

Visiting Stonehenge is a dream vacation for Sondra, but when she encounters a strange phenomenon, she is swept into a reality far beyond comprehension. Mystical powers, Vikings, giants, and trolls are all too much for her to take in, and she fears a mental breakdown is imminent. Her indecision about her soon-to-be fiancé Jason gets pushed out of her mind with everything else going on, until she falls head over heels for the strikingly beautiful Heimdall. Now she not only has to contend with ancient Gods and their adversaries, but the breaking of her heart by loving two men.

This story has so much going on it is much like trying to dig through a toy chest to find that one piece buried in the bottom. There are probably many references to ancient Viking folklore and legends, but when they come at you one after another it is hard to grasp their true meanings. The main characters, however, are very interesting, and focusing the story on them and their interplay with each other is something that I would love to see. They are clever, witty, and wonderfully passionate characters that have great potential.

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