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ISBN# 9781550823943
14 February 2013
Quarry Press
$14.56 CAN
260 Pages
Erotic, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

One Night in Paris

Looking but not touching has driven Vivian Sinclair to the breaking point.

It has been only one time, yet Aaron Taylor will never forget it.

Knowing that Aaron is now available, Viv decides she cannot take the pressure any longer. This could mean the end of her job, but it is a risk she has to take.

Lusting after one’s boss is seldom a good idea, yet it takes guts to put it all on the line like Viv does.

Trick or Treat

Thea is nearly crawling out of her skin with the excitement of getting to meet him finally.

He has seen her once for a moment, but that is all it takes for Cain to be hooked.

Although she feels a little stalk-like, Thea makes her move. What she does not know is that Cain has his own plan.

Now this is a way to get past those awkward introductions!

The Stone Heart

Getting cursed by a gypsy has made Lorena Krenz’s life a living hell. Still, it pales to what it feels to fall in love.

The games they play are fun, but Jaysen wants more.

This must end tonight, even though it tears Lorena’s heart out to admit it. Jaysen can never find out what she truly is, or he will hate her forever.

Overcoming the odds is what makes a truly fascinating love story, and this is a wonderful example.

A Little Wild
As much as she wants it, Tess knows she must keep a firm handle on her emotions.

One step at a time and eventually Zach will get her to open up.

Tess tries to control the evening, although Zach is making it very hard to stay on track. She wants hot and heavy. He is slipping under her skin with terrifying ease.

The harder Tess tries, the deeper she falls, and it really makes you want to read their story in its entirety.

Holiday Spirit

Working the night shift after the staff party is not what is bothering Elly. It is who she has to work with.

Office romance is not exactly encouraged, which has not stopped Lucas from wishing otherwise.

Going out on a call should give Elly at least something else to focus on, which backfires spectacularly when a randy ghost gets her and Lucas stuck together.

Now this is a “ghost buster” tale worth reading!

A Forever Cowboy

Most childhood dreams go by the wayside, but there is one Carly still hangs on to.

Ranching and horses are in Riley’s blood, and he would love nothing more than to have someone sharing his dreams.

Carly has crafted herself into the perfect city girl. Still, there is the nagging feeling that something is not right. Horses have always held a special place in her heart, right next to cowboys, especially ones like Riley.

This is the way to a girl’s heart…a beautiful horse and a sexy cowboy.

A Gentleman Seduced

Before she is stuck in a passionless marriage, one tiny little adventure is all Diana Tiverton wants.

The proprietor of the brothel has always caught Lucien’s eye. Tonight something is different.

Diana’s foray into her stepsister’s world is cut abruptly short, sending her running right out the door. Diana accepts Lucien’s help and his promises to keep her secret safe, although her fear has now turned into desire so thick she can barely see straight.

An innocent with a wild streak meets her match. The results are delicious.


Depression is a daily battle for Max Cooper, but he never considers he could also be delusional.

With her time nearly at an end, Tyla makes a rash decision.

Waking up naked and disoriented is not putting Max in a very receptive mood. Unfortunately, Tyla needs his acceptance for this to work. Max is furious at first, until the intense attraction he feels for Tyla eats away his anger.

This story is a tantalizing little treat for any sci-fi lover.


If writing hot and sexy love scenes is what Claire Miller does for a living, is she actually living it? Not so much.

The Key Club hosts the hottest parties in town. Josh Anderson and his buddy Levis Jones are ready to partake in tonight’s events.

Claire has one thing on her mind tonight, and it looks like she may have just found the perfect duo to play with. The rest of the women in the club become invisible the moment Josh and Levis spot Claire, so they make absolutely sure she gets her pick.

Research for a book never looked so good!


The need to blow off some steam and give orders instead of taking them is why Lucy is prowling The Leather Slipper tonight.

Tyler Richardson has no real idea why he needs this so much. He just knows it is time for a change.

With any other officer, Lucy would have turned and walked out, however unbelievable Tyler is. She has wanted this man from day one, and the chance to dominate him is one she will not give up.

The power exchange between these two is off the charts, and I want more, more, more!


Loving her husband is the easiest thing Haley O’Connell has ever done.

Tonight could backfire so easily, but Max wants to make his wife’s fantasy come true.

She cannot believe it is really happening. Max has planned out everything, and she is practically vibrating with excitement. Tonight will be one they will never forget.

Love means many things to many people, but there is no doubt of the love that Max and Haley share.


The fantasy man of Lori’s dreams is quite real. Unbelievably, he has just married her best friend.

Seeing her in the subway clenches his desire. It is only a matter of time now.

How it happens is almost beyond comprehension. No matter how much Lori lusts after Drake, she has no intention of doing anything about it. Touching Lori and being with her is too tempting, so it is time to let her know.

Do not blink! You may miss who is doing what to whom, and it would be tragic!

All of those long, cold Canadian nights are certainly good for something, and this anthology is the result. Really, what could be better than snuggling up with your honey and swapping some very sexy stories with each other? Several of these stories, in fact, just make the reader want to beg for more. You will also wish you could be part of the action as these authors get right to the heart of the matter.

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