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ISBN# Unavailable
May 12 2010
The Wild Rose Press
185 Pages
Paranormal Black Rosebud (Vampire)
Ratings: 4 Cups

Kira McCoy lost her husband and daughter. She feels she has nothing left to live for, and taking a leap off a bridge looks like a good move, until she meets an angel.

Trace Stuart is a Poryria Guardian; a vampire who tracks rogue creatures. Once he comes to Kira’s safety, he feels a strong connection to her, knowing it could present a problem.

Trace happens to come upon Kira as she takes a leap off a bridge. He has to find a way to hurry and aid her. At the hospital, Trace wonders what made her wish to jump. His brother did not wish him to interfere with the humans, but Trace is different than some of his brothers; able to fit into the human world. Kira recalls a man leaning over her with the face of an angel. She does not mind him staying to watch over her. She does resent her brother-in-law, Jeff, who will not leave her alone since her husband’s death. Even though Trace is going against his Queen's orders, he stays to protect Kira. With Jeff hounding Kira and Trace trying to put the situation in perspective, will he be able to have a life with Kira?

Ms. Chartier creates an intense read that keeps the reader totally engrossed. I could feel for Kira and Trace with all their conflicts they each endured. Kira was deeply grounded in her love for her family and that definitely shined through in the story. I love the way Trace fights all obstacles to protect her. Not An Angel is a captivating read. The dialogue is wonderfully penned, the emotions mind-blowing; so incredibly sincere that the reader cannot help but have their heart pierced by the way Kira and Trace always make contact in this stirring read.

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