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ISBN: 9781631056581
July 2015
Secret Cravings Publishing
152 Pages
Mainstream Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Philip Novak is a successful surgeon who has recently inherited a dilapidated cottage from a father he never knew. In fact, he was never told his identity and was taught to hate the man that was never in his life. Now what was he supposed to do with property and the secrets he might find inside?

Girlfriend Natalie does not understand all the emotion behind Phillips's new windfall. She thinks it is a project for him to get involved with and to give him something more than the hospital and patients he has consuming all his time and energy.

Things are not going well in Natalie and Phillip's relationship because they seem to be on different pages. Maybe with the added stress of this cottage, they should just call it quits, but before they make that decision a medical emergency happens and both their lives will be changed. However, is it all bad or is there a silver lining to their journey?

What a complicated couple Natalie and Phillip make, both so different yet under it all looking for the same things. Their journey is a bumpy one; one that makes for interesting reading. My only complaint would be I wish there was just a bit more dimension to the characters at time. They seem one dimensional but this flaw for me in no way takes away from the interesting story. And the addition of Teddy the dog is just heartwarming.

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