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ISBN: 1-61926-252-5
February 2012
Book Strand
160 pages
Mainstream Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 4 cups

Galynn knew that she had to run, and run far away. It was the only way she was going to stay alive. Galynn was not a woman that swayed from her plan and was honest about what she had to do. She had a plan to get away from an abusive relationship, but she did not plan on meeting Cooper or falling in love.

Cooper Blackhawk is not your typical alpha male. Yes, he is very protective, but beneath it all, he really does fall in love with Galynn. Cooper is very close to his family and with his brother Grant’s help, nurses her back to health and realizes that Galynn is what he wants but knows that he might have to let her go. He is patient and kind, but when push comes to pull, he will fight for her.

From the moment that Cooper found Galynn on the side of the road, the chemistry was instant and strong. Cooper never pushed Galynn into a relationship. He was her friend, but when the tension was too much for him, he let her know what he wanted from her. When Galynn finally told Cooper what had happened to her and why she would leave, he understood, but did not like it. He tried to reason with her, but in the end he let her go.

This book was so good on many levels. I felt like Ms. Dee handled the domestic violence issue very well. It was never overdone and when Galynn finally told Cooper everything that she had endured, my heart breaking and my tears were real. I never felt like Galynn was a true victim, but a survivor in her own right. Cooper never judged her and was sweet and tender when they finally came together. The family dynamics between Cooper and his family only strengthened when Galynn left. The plot was timely and relevant. I highly recommend Nothing to Lose and I look forward to the other Blackhawk brothers stories.

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