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ISBN #: 9781609101503
April 2010
Book Locker
Trade Paperback
276 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Vanessa is the daughter of a wealthy man. She trains and breeds horses and is impatient with the conventions imposed on well born women of her time. Things are a bit more relaxed in Ceylon where she lives.

Michael is the Duke of North Yorkshire. His fiancée was brutally murdered, and he is determined to prove that one man is the killer. He is a very powerful man and handsome.

When Michael’s fiancée is murdered, he knows who the killer is but cannot prove it. With the permission of the King, he masquerades as his illegitimate younger brother and continues the hunt. While in Ceylon he meets Vanessa and finds that he can feel again, but she is all but promised to another. He is still determined to protect her as both Michael and Nathaniel.

This story has an interesting concept, but I had a hard time believing that everyone believed Michael and Nathaniel to be two different people. The author never mentions any sort of disguise, and since Michael is a very well known and distinctive person, I cannot figure out how he pulled it off. There is an awful lot going on in this story and the story of Blake and Vanessa is almost superfluous. I liked the characterization in the story, particularly Vanessa. She is my favorite kind of strong heroine, and I loved how she stood up for herself. Aside from his split personality, Michael/Nathaniel is a great alpha male, protective but not arrogant. Vanessa’s brother and the other characters are also well done and Langley is masterfully evil. This is a very good first effort for Ms. Jewel, and I look forward to more.

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