Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #9781450246255
August 2010
Trade Paperback
208 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Callie is a new graduate student at Kensington State. She is pretty much alone in the world since the death of her fiancé in Iraq, but is looking forward to the new challenge. She is shy, but intelligent and very beautiful.

Mac is a dean at Kensington State. He is tall, dark and handsome, but lonely since the ending of his farce of a marriage. He is looking for someone special.

Callie is using the money left to her by her late fiancé to make a new start and get her Masters Degree in Education at Kensington State. Money will be tight but she is looking forward to a new start. She catches the eye of Mac, a handsome administrator at the school and love blooms. There are stresses in the relationship; his ex-wife and young son and Callie’s participation in a drug sting on campus, but their love is strong. Unfortunately danger lurks right around the corner.

This is a well-written and enjoyable love story with some suspenseful moments. It is really not a suspense story persay, but the love story is excellent. The author has created two very strong characters who have overcome adversity, and an excellent plot that grabs the reader’s interest and holds it to the end. The subplot of the drug sting is an interesting aside that helps to tie up some loose ends in addition to providing a suspenseful interlude. Mac and Callie’s story is an emotional one that I really enjoyed.

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