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ISBN: 9781449577698
December 2009
Erotictales Publications
Paperback / E-Book
$14.00 / $5.00
192 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

There is a quiet despair inhabiting Jet’s soul. He knows his kinks are so extreme that he may never find his perfect master, but he is not ready to give up just yet.

It is their uniqueness and individuality that makes Drake love each and every one of his pets, but Ecstacy will always be his favorite. Just as Jessica, his wife, will be his one and only mate.

Coming to Master Drake’s island has Jet as nervous as he is thrilled. Master Drake’s reputation is beyond compare, and Jet is nearly beside himself with anticipation. However in a family this large, there are bound to be some problems, and the biggest one is Ecstacy’s jealously. Drake can see the depth of Jet’s needs and can only pray he has the strength to meet them while still maintaining the emotional and physical health of the rest of his family.

In a story such as this, there is always the requisite erotic play between all of the males and females involved, but what seems to be missing here is a depth to their personalities and attention to detail. In my opinion, the setting of a scene and how the participants reach a certain mind set can be as erotic and intense than the actual act. As with the characters, there are so many to focus on that I would love to see them paired up and set apart in their own individual stories. This story mostly takes place on Drake’s island of erotic arts, and is a scintillating backdrop, holding the promise of much more to come.

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