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ISBN# 1-59596-308-1
June 2, 2006
Changeling Press LLC.
Pages Unavailable
Paranormal, Angels, Demons & Deities
Rating: 3 Cups

Amelia Delacroix, forced to work in a tavern, is tired of men pawing her, not to mention the tavern's owner, so she quits. After meeting Grant, she wonders if someone could be that wonderful, or if it was all a dream.

Grant is a Synn demon; half-human, half-demon, given special blood to extend his life. Given blood from a cyvampis, his mortal body regenerates using mortal blood. After he meets Amelia, he has a powerful need for her; so intensifying, he cannot let go.

Grant is supposed to be able to control his passions, but things shift where Amelia is concerned. The fiery passion he feels for her is strong. He soon learns he not only desires her blood, but her body, and something even greater. Not long after leaving her job, Amelia is approached by Grant, whom heats her flesh like she has never felt. She soon learns he is not completely human, but she is not bothered by his difference. She accepts his invitation to move into his home and be a steward to him since he needs someone to organize everything and be loyal. But someone else wishes to destroy Grant, and when Amelia moves into his home, it is only a matter of time before complete destruction abounds.

Of Blood and Blessings is a stimulating read. Amelia tries to be strong in a world where sometimes a woman must do anything to survive. Grant comes across as a good hero, while feeling emotions that weigh heavily on him. Ms. Shannon creates a story with a likeable hero and a troubled heroine. She incorporates characters that move the story along smoothly, while keeping a few twists around the corners. This reader enjoyed this rousing tale and found it a pleasant read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books