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ISBN: 1-58749-566-X
May 2006
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194 pages
Erotic romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Nemu is part human and part water faery. When she finds the young Roman soldier lying injured on the deserted battlefield, she takes him home and nurses him back to health. Before she leads him out of her forest and home to his soldiers, she falls in love with him.

Ambiorix is a young Roman commander fighting the Caledonian warriors, when he is injured and rescued by a beautiful woman. He is horrified to discover that she is part faery, remembering the gruesome tales of his childhood. Yet even though he marries the woman he has been promised to since childhood, he finds his heart remains with the half faery that rescued him.

When warriors burn Ambiorix’s home, killing his wife and unborn child in the process, he vows to exact his revenge. He confirms his allegiance with the Romans who are determined to take over the land from the Druids, and the Celts are determined to stop them. This plan of action will surely pit Ambiorix against Nemu, unless a miracle can halt the inevitable.

This tales speaks of another time. A time of faeries, soldiers, druids, and magic. Ms. Heckart draws the reader into the pages and enchants them with her words, making them believe for just a little while that they too can call on dragons or control armies. For the time it takes to read this book, we just might have the power to control the universe. Of Water and Dragons is a romance to make you believe again.

Karen Magill
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



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