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ISBN: 978-0984249947
October 2009
Highland Press Publishing
Trade paperback
272 pages
Christian Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Homemade Christmas

Mark Donovan has become very successful with the stock market, however all that changes with the crash of 1929. He loses everything he has and resorts to moving back home with his sister, a place he could not wait to get away from.

Maddy Stepson is a teacher at the local school, she has always had a love for Mark but he chose to live another life.

Maddy and Mark’s family try to convince him he is not to blame for many things. He once turned his back on God. But can Mark find the courage to embrace him and a new life?

What a sad yet poignant story, one that teaches us to embrace the bad times in our lives as well as the good as something good may come from the bad.

Christmas Wishes and Second Chances

Dr. Elle Hennessy’s life was smooth sailing a year ago, but this year she has a broken engagement and just found out some bad news about her health.

Dr. Philip Wagner is Elle’s former fiancé. After their break, up he happens to transfer to a hospital in the town where Elle’s family lives.

Neither expects to see the other, but a medical emergency brings the two together and Elle cannot help but confides in Philip what no one knows about her health yet. The connection between them sparks again, but is it enough for a second chance at love?

This, I believe, is the most moving of all the stories. Elle and Philip’s story is, unfortunately, one many face. Heartbreak, strength and love bring it all together.

Connecting Flights

Due to bad weather, Elizabeth Rawlings is stuck in the airport waiting for her luggage. While waiting, she notices a good looking man and joins him for coffee.

Aaron Blake also notices Elizabeth, except he remembers who she is; an old high school sweetheart he never got over.

As they remember the past, a connection seems to spark, but will their different lives be too much to work on a relationship?

Fun and entertaining is this story. How often do you get a second chance with your high school sweetheart? Elizabeth’s daughter is a breath of fresh air to the story.

Noah's Arch

Psychologist Archer Webster has been accused of stalking a woman and her daughter. Although he has not done it, he looks for legal counsel. But what he finds is so much more.

Noah Adams is a member of her father’s law firm. She has issues with a former male client so now she only accepts female clients but when she hears of the case with Archer she is intrigued.

When Noah meets Archer, there is an instantaneous attraction but he believes her to be someone else. When it all starts to unravel, things get even crazier. This relationship that has been built on a lie may be over as quick as it began.

Love at first sight, do you believe it can happen? Noah and Archer’s story says it does. Quirky and fun is what I found this story to be.

Bonny Blue Christmas

Annika’s mother says the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Yet Annika has no time for romance. She has her restaurant and teaches cooking classes as well.

Joel shows up at one of Annika’s classes. With an attraction he cannot deny, he leaves the class in order to date Annika. But he has a secret that he needs to tell her and is unsure how to do so.

Joel is wary of marriage. He has already made that mistake, not to mention the secret he is keeping from Annika. When it comes out unexpectedly and separates them, he has an ally waiting to help him win Annika back.

Great story with a bit of old world charm. What more can you want but a handsome man, good food and a supportive family?

A wonderful group of authors has delivered to you a gift for anytime not just the Christmas season. Each one of these stories tells of heartbreak, of love in many different ways, of family bonds, and of faith in God. Separately they all offer great stories and when grouped together they also offer you a chance to maybe take and learn a lesson from each story as well.

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