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ISBN: Unavailable
January 2010
386 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

When Luke Blake was twelve, he saw something that will change him forever. Horrified and hurt beyond anyone’s imagination, he runs from the vision he saw only to find himself cast in the path of vicious men.

Nine year old Marie Breaux is hunting blueberries when she spots the boy lying still as death, battered and bloodied beyond recognition. With her soft and gentle touch, she and her mother heal the emotionally and physically scarred boy.

Eight years pass as Marie and Luke exchange letters, in which her feelings for him change from sisterly-like love to the love of a woman. When Luke marries, it breaks Marie’s heart and she does something drastic, which leads her on her own journey of destruction. Both will go through tragic events that will mold who they become, until finally they meet up again. By then it could be too late to save one of them, whose feelings of hopelessness overwhelm every other sense.

Once and Once Again is the tragic story of dastardly events that form Luke and Marie’s life and decisions they make throughout their growth. Phillip Sweeny tells this tale with a colorful voice; although there were times I felt the characters were rambling. I really liked how Luke seemed to come alive when he was interning in the labor & delivery ward, showing me that here is a man who really cares for life. The characteristics that Luke’s wife had, with her greediness, selfishness, and how spoiled she was made this story even more interesting and had me angry on Luke’s behalf for how he is treated. This is a nice and appealing tale.

Caution: While there is no description of the actual event, there is mention of rape with both characters as well as a description of the health issues that evolve from the rapes.

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