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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-79471-3, 10: 0-373-79471-1
May 2009
Harlequin Blaze
217 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Ever since the day her Pa died, Maggie Dawson has been terrified that someone would find out. It is unseemly and certainly unsafe for a young, unmarried woman to live by herself, especially when the creek running behind her isolated little cabin is a prospector's dream.

Times are tough for the injured (and some think washed-up) Cord Braddock. Stunt work is no longer an option if he wants to retain the use of his arm, but being a two-bit private detective barely pays his high end rent.

Taking on the Winslow case is a joke, and surely a waste of Cord’s time, but money is tight, and if Leslie wants to send Cord on a wild goose chase, it is on her dime. The Winslow sisters have been missing for over a year with no trace, so Cord heads to Deadwood for one last look around. Coming across some photos and an old camera in the Winslow’s home, Cord is transported back to a time where having Navajo blood could quite easily get him hung. Stumbling across the path of Maggie Dawson might very well be his saving grace, if she does not shoot him first.

In book three of the Stolen from Time series, Cord Braddock is a man undefined. As his drive for bigger, better, and faster comes to a screeching halt, you really begin to get a feel for his personality. As a declining twenty-first century movie star, he is not nearly as likable as when he is forced to see what real bravery and determination are like in 1878. His path of self discovery is heart warming, and his care for Maggie’s well-being really makes the story shine.

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