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ISBN#: 9781603183741/9781603183734
November 2011
L&L Dreamspell
232 Pages
Historical Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

The death of Mary Reynolds’ mother changed her life forever. When her aunt proves that Mary is an adopted orphan, Mary not only loses her inheritance but her identity. A woman alone in Baltimore in 1849 has few choices. Although raised as a lady, Mary falls into ranks of the servant class where she spends her time pursuing her identity, and scheming to restore herself to her former status. Eventually, she is employed in the home of René Molyneaux where she is confronted by ghosts from her past, a Haitian voodoo practitioner, and the mysterious disappearance of her predecessors.

Irish immigrant Patrick Shea seeks his version of the American success story. While driving a hack, he looks for the scoop that will take him from occasional contributor to The Baltimore Sun to staff journalist. He also investigates the disappearance of his wife, who after deserting him, went into Molyneaux’s house and never left.

Hoping that she might have information about his wife, Patrick befriends Mary, but discovers that he is attracted to the beautiful woman who behaves more like a fine lady than a maid. When guests at a dinner party reveal clues to her identity, she accepts Patrick’s offer to assist with her quests. Eventually, their mutual attraction requires each to reconsider their priorities.

In Once Upon a Midnight, Ms. Scott creates compelling characters while providing a fascinating glimpse into the lives of immigrants as they struggle to survive and achieve success in their new country. Overall, Once Upon a Midnight is a fast-paced story with interesting twists against a vibrant background.

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