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Series featuring Realm Warriors

Book 1: The Greater Good
Book 2: The Lesser Evil
Book 3: A Ruthless Good
Book 4: One Good Woman

ISBN-13: 978-1-60394-386-4, 10: 1-60394-386-2
November 2009
New Concepts Publishing
Trade Paperback
360 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Becoming a Solonian soldier was the only way Cara retained her sanity, and that was only thanks to Justin Steele. The Savages took everything else away, and for the rest of her life, Cara will hold her rage and hate for them within the hole where her heart once resided.

Using every painful circumstance as a way of bettering oneself is the only way Brady Gellot knows how to survive. He is a Captain of the Realm, a fierce and skilled warrior, but one who lives and laughs often, only true love has escaped him so far.

Cara knew her swimming skills were non-existent, so there is no plausible explanation as to why she would throw herself into a raging river to save Brady. They survive by sheer luck, only to find themselves with no foreseeable way home, and in the vicinity of a band of Savages. Brady and Cara must rely on each other for their very lives, and Cara comes to realize that maybe she is not as completely broken as she once thought. Brady is determined to gain her trust, but the Savages are a reality that keeps them both on the edge of terror.

The rich tapestry of an Earth-like world welcomes you in, while the rugged brutality of savage humans will take your breath away. They are a tribe of feral humans on the cusp of reintegrating back into society, but what really gets your attention is how the power of their humanity comes shining through. As Brady and Cara become ambassadors of sorts, gifting the savages with wary compassion, they also enrich the story with their indelible strength and spirit. The pages literally fly by as you become enraptured in Brady’s and Cara’s harrowing journey to find their way home and into each other’s hearts.

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