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The Pennistan Series

Book1: Traitor's Kiss
Book 2: Lover's Kiss
Book 3: Stranger's Kiss
Book 4: Courtesan's Kiss
Book 5: One More Kiss

The Pennistan Series, Book 5 (Last Book)
ISBN# 9780553593143
30 April 2013
Bantam Books
$7.99 US/$9.99 CAN
448 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Under no illusion as to who is the prettiest sister, Beatrice Brent is only going through with this whole thing for her twin Cecilia. She is more interested in painting and literature than a Season in London or a match.

Gaming and carousing are the only things Lord Jessup Pennistan can lay claim to being good at. Losing at anything is never easy, but what he loses to Crenshaw affects more than just his pride.

The house party offers the sisters a chance to dance, converse and even try some innocent flirting before their debut in London. Still, Beatrice feels that any flirting with Jess will be far from innocent. As much as she wants to see Cecilia make a good match, maybe even with Marquis Destry, Beatrice holds no such hope for herself. Jess knows he is far beyond Beatrice's level of experience. He has no business having feelings for her. Whatever desires he may have for Beatrice must be buried, because he is in no way worthy of someone as fresh and innocent as she is.

Beatrice is like a breath of fresh air for a man as jaded as Jess. She makes him see his world in a whole new light. As young and inexperienced as she is, there is a depth to her that few her age achieve. While her twin, Cecilia, may have a near obsession with her appearance, she is also more than just a pretty face. My favorite parts are Destry's bumbling attempts at courtship and Jess?s losing his game face while falling head over heels for a girl who will definitely keep him on his toes.

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