Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9780804176781
August 29, 2013
Bantam Books
Trade Paperback
$12.00 US / $14.00 CAN
274 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

From the outside Drew Callahan looks like the golden boy; good looks, great grades, and the kind of athletic ability to have professional aspirations. On the inside; however, he is the most screwed up person he knows.

Every day is a struggle for Fable Maguire. Her little brother is getting into more and more trouble, while her mother acts like her kids are little more than an afterthought.

It has been two years since Drew has gone home and he would not be going this time if not for Fable. Having her agree to act as his girlfriend is the only way he feels like he can get through an entire week with his father and stepmother. Fable is getting more horrified as the week wears on, but there is nothing she can do for Drew if he does not let her in. The last thing she can afford is to fall for this very damaged young man, yet each day she spends with him it is getting harder to ignore her feelings.

Once you understand the pain Drew is holding on to, it is no wonder this poor kid is so messed up. His heart is definitely in the right place, although he has no way of dealing with his past except to shut down. Fable, as young as she is, is the safest place he has ever known. It hurts to think of these two young kids having to deal with so much responsibility and heartache, although together you have hope they can overcome and succeed.

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