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The Wicked Series

Book 1 - A Wicked Ride
Book 2 - One Wicked Night


The Wicked Series, Book 2
ISBN# 9781554878536
April 15, 2011
eXtasy Books
158 Pages
Erotic Romance, Interracial, Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

She always knew that her father’s love was non-existent, but Myka Prentiss never imagined he would sell her like a piece of furniture. His campaign to get re-elected as Senator has turned him into a man she barely recognizes, and she wants just one night where she can forget.

The job is starting to wear on Justice Alexandre, and he is thinking it may be time for a change. His conscience never used to be a problem, but the older he gets; the harder it is to sleep at night.

The night she spent in the arms of a stranger was more powerful and erotic than anything Myka had ever experienced, but to see that same man on her doorstep now is a totally different story. Justice was horrified when his last job came in to eliminate Myka, and after the mind-blowing night in her arms, he will do whatever it takes to find out who put a hit on her. Myka and Justice must find out who is behind the contract, before someone realizes the job is not complete, but can Myka really trust the man who was sent to kill her? Her body says yes, and her heart is falling hard and fast, but what will happen when it is all over, and she is in way over her head with a man who is a hired gun?

Is it hot in here? Whew, it will be as soon as you get your hands on this! Justice is rugged, ripped, and almost too hot to handle. I love how he and Myka do not let a little thing like a death threat get in the way of their passion, and each time they touch it just gets better and better. Myka is all sexy, from her luxurious curls to her designer heels, and woman enough to make a man like Justice melt with desire.

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