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ISBN# 9781573449090
10 July 2012
Cleis Press
232 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups


A woman has high hopes for intimacy in her new relationship.

While taking a long, scenic drive, she takes a chance and lets her potential lover know just how eager she is.

After throwing caution to the wind, the new lovers are ready to take their fledgling passion for a spin.

Ms. Caperton reminds everyone of exactly why car rides are so arousing while dating as teenagers.


The emotional turmoil of a shared past is the strongest bond.

Even though he is a cop and Riley is in the wrong place at the wrong time, Max cannot turn his back on her.

Passion will help push these two unlikely lovers back onto the right path.

Ms. Turner’s story of childhood compatriots who wind up on opposite sides of the law is a new twist on star-crossed lovers.

Forgotten Bodies

Growing old together sounds better than the reality of watching yourself age in the mirror. Susan wishes her body were not sagging as fiercely as her sex drive.

A desperate effort to spice up their sex life leads Anthony to take a chance and experiment with his fantasies.

Neither Susan nor Anthony know their empty nest can become a haven for light bondage.

Ms. Renarde gives new hope to couples married for so long they have forgotten how to spice things up.

In the Doghouse

Brad is tired of his job as a costumed character on a children’s television show. There is nothing sexy about a guy in a dog costume.

Cara is enjoying a weekend away from her kids in the city. When she meets Brad in a club, she cannot believe her luck.

Brad gets a new lease on life when he fulfills the fantasies of a sexy mom who knows exactly what turns her on.

Ms. Martine explores the passionate side of those who live in a world of childhood icons.

Autumn Rain

A young man moves from New York to Baltimore, aimlessly taking college courses while trying to decide on a life path.

Dedicated to poetry and punk, a college girl discovers a kindred spirit hiding beneath his lackluster exterior.

When the two share a dose of public passion, both know they have found something fine to put them on the right track.

Mr. Gonzales explores both the fear and the excitement of being a youth with choices to make and passion to burn.

The Love We Make

A woman cannot understand why she and her man have such a volatile relationship. The sex is amazing, but the two fight all the time.

Paul can no longer remain in the self-destructive relationship with a woman who lights his world on fire.

When Paul discovers he has a desire to dominate and she a desire to be spanked, their relationship achieves a whole new level of intensity.

Ms. Wright tells the story of two passionate people just discovering their mutual interest in BDSM.

In-Flight Entertainment

Lillie and Patrick are excessively bored on a long flight to Sydney.

A spicy story in Cosmo has them exchanging some very witty and potent suggestions.

There is no need to wait until they land for Lillie and Patrick to create their own brand of entertainment at thirty thousand feet.

Ms. Paulssen gives us some new and titillating ideas to pass the time in the mile high club.

Republicans Don’t Like

Scott is not a typical politician, and definitely not a run of the mill conservative.

Carol knows the most important part of keeping her politically-minded husband sharp is keeping him satisfied.

Whether privately, publicly or even while enjoying an audience, Carol and Scott have the strongest, hottest marriage on Capitol Hill.

Ms. Dominic spins a tale of a political power couple that can never be torn apart by the dubious charms of a lukewarm intern.

Mom’s Night Out

It is next to impossible to feel sexy with a sippy cup in one hand and a diaper in the other.

When her husband suggests a wild weekend away from the kids, one mother jumps at the chance to regain her sexuality.

Two parents and not a child in sight, but neither has trouble coming up with a whole list of activities to occupy time.

Ms. Lopez reminds every mother that sometimes we need to take time off and regain our sense of womanhood.

Slow Fire

A widow returns to her small-town roots after the end of her scandalous marriage.

Revitalized by the grown man who has once been her childhood sweetheart, she realizes she may be able to love again.

Del and Shelby discover the bloom of youth may have faded, but the passion still burns hot.

Ms. Storey spins a tale of young-again lovers reigniting the flames of their teenage love.

The Nude, Stripped Naked

Nicola enjoys modeling nude for art classes to satisfy her appetite for exhibitionism.

Art student Patrick is chagrined he cannot seem to focus on the artistic quality of the beautiful nude model’s form.

A chance meeting on campus gives Nicola and Patrick the opportunity to explore their mutual interest in something more physical than art.

Mr. Edwards shows readers what may happen if artists take more than an artistic interest in their subject.


A woman who enjoys control agrees to let her lover take the reins for one night.

Horse breeder John is ready to use everything he knows about taming wild stallions into showing his lover just how far he can take their passion.

As the night’s pleasure reaches the heights, John teaches his lover that submission can be a door to a truly satisfying experience.

Ms. Kade’s story of two lovers battling for control shows us an alpha male can hide beneath the most sedate exterior.


A woman hides behind casual and unfulfilling liaisons, because she is ashamed of her body.

One man discovers his perfect match in a woman who does not even realize how long he has waited to find someone like her.

Discovering that her new lover finds her perfect, instead of lacking, unlocks new heights of sexual intimacy and pleasure.

Ms. Grace explores the insecurities and longings that plague us all in this tale of acceptance and fulfillment.


After years of marriage and raising children, one mom is hopelessly stuck in a rut.

A simple instant message from an old contact instigates a sexy online exchange that reminds her of the days when she has felt sexy and brave.

A husband and wife rediscover their passion with a series of messages that remind them of how things used to be.

Ms. Grey tells a fun story of two lovers who get a second chance to relive their wild college nights.

Cook’s Treat

While waiting for her lover to return home, a woman enjoys baking some gooey, chocolate cakes to tempt his appetite.

After spending a rainy afternoon stuck in traffic, a man enters his kitchen to find his lover enjoying a lick of butter cream icing.

Sweets are even better when enjoyed naked in the kitchen while pleasuring the cook.

Ms. Coldwell whips up a fun story of love, passion and food.

Hollywood Romance

Returning home to visit her parents, a woman reminisces about a local movie theater balcony, legendary with local teenagers looking for excitement.

Sneaking a peek into the theater yields the unexpected surprise of discovering that her high school crush owns the place.

An invitation to an exclusive screening is a second chance to fulfill her balcony fantasy, this time with the hot bad boy who has gotten away.

Ms. Wilde’s trip down memory lane gives one woman a second chance to have that high school fantasy we all dream of.

Matters of the Heart

Tired of feeling alone, Charlene takes a chance and goes out by herself on Valentine’s Day.

On the one night dedicated to couples, Clarence never expects to see his recent ex alone at the restaurant where he has stopped to grab a drink.

Drawn together despite their anger, Charlene and Clarence take a second chance on love.

Ms. Brown tells a story of two people who put aside their arguments for the sake of that one night when none of us want to be alone.

September Song

Ruthie volunteers at a local soup kitchen, bringing clothing and personal care items to the homeless in order to keep herself busy and fulfilled.

Sol comes to the soup kitchen for the companionship as much as the food and clothing to supplement his meager income.

Ruthie never thinks she can be so attracted to a man so much older than she, but Sol has a way about him that touches her.

Ms. Watson tells a story of two people who discover it is not too late in life to find the one person who makes you happy.


A married woman turns to erotic literature to spice up her boring life, discovering that it has given her a need to enhance her own sex life.

In order to please his wife, a husband willingly steps out of his sexual comfort zone and experiments with a few new things.

When his wife leaves him a very detailed description of her BDSM fantasy, he lets his dominant side take the lead as he shows her just how exciting sex can be within the bonds of their marriage.

This titillating look at renaissance in marriage from Ms. Carr opens a whole list of possibilities for even the most mundane of married couples.

For the Very First Time

A jaded New Yorker discovers in a local café an up and coming musician, Dean, who makes her feel young and hopeful again.

Ever the gentleman, Dean waits until they have a weekend alone to consummate the relationship.

As they make all new discoveries about sex, love and passion, this couple realizes there is more in the future for them than a quick night between the sheets.

Ms. Kramer Bussel’s story is a tale about a single woman used to being disappointed in love and a much younger lover who proves she still has plenty to hope for.

Only You is an interesting mix of short stories about everyday people looking to spice up their lives or discover new passion in an old flame. It is a well-balanced lineup of great authors in today’s erotica world and will provide some titillating enjoyment for readers.

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