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Sierra Fox

Book 1 A Patch of Darkness
Book 2 Split at the Seams
Book 3 On Needles and Pins
Book 4: Torn from the Shadows

Sierra Fox, Book 3
ISBN# 9781619215917
June 2013
Samhain Publishing
346 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Sierra Fox is a Spook Catcher with a twist. Her biological grandfather is a powerful witch. As a result, she is extremely powerful and a target for those who would use her for evil. She is very protective of the few people she allows to get close.

Jason Papan is a werewolf and a private detective. He is very handsome, sexy and totally devoted to Sierra.

Someone is out to kill Sierra. Not an unfamiliar state of affairs, she has attracted the attention of a group of power-hungry crazies. They want to raise a demon and rule the world, but need Sierra’s power before that is possible. She, her friends and her newly discovered grandfather are doing their best to stop them. Add in a demon-possessed ex, a teenage necromancer half sister and Sierra knows things are going to get crazier before they get better.

I love this series! I have all three books and they keep getting better and better. Sierra is a strong heroine who is just learning about all of her talents, with more yet to come. Her sister, Willow, is just as powerful in a different way. Though new, their relationship strengthens throughout the tale. The various subplots weave into and add great depth to the main storyline. The growing love story between Sierra and Jason is both romantic and sensual. I cannot recommend this author and this series highly enough.

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