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ISBN#: 9780061780288
September 2009
Avon Red
Trade Paperback
387 Pages
Historical Erotic Romance Novella Collection
Rating: 4 Cups

Against the Wall

Carolina is the daughter of a dissolute baron. She is in London for her first season and is determined to make a good match. She has always been fascinated with her father’s equally dissolute but much younger friend Henry.

Henry, Lord Stanton barely remembers his one encounter with the young Carolina, but will never be able to forget meeting her again. Women have always been a passing fancy with him, but for some reason, he is unable to get the daughter of his friend out of his mind.

Carolina’s wish to get a few moments alone at a crowded ball, lead to an erotic encounter with Viscount Stanton, who does not remember her. The young debutante risks her reputation and her future for an affair, that will lead to nothing but heartache for her.

This is a great tale of a young debutante who tames a rake. Carolina is young but not altogether naïve and Henry has finally met his match.

The Education of Lord Oakley

Maggie is the widow of a well-to-do lawyer. She is a mother and stepmother. Her cousin and best friend is secretly the notorious Madame Rouge who encourages her to live a little.

Lord Oakley is a proper and well respected young earl. He was recently jilted and a friend convinces him to join him at Harridan House.

A respectable young widow and a proper lord discover their wild sides at an exclusive club.

I enjoyed this story and the characterizations. The author does a good job of emphasizing the differences in Maggie and Oakley’s status in society and the snobbery of those around them, particularly that of Maggie’s less than likeable stepdaughter.

Roses are Rouge

Diana is the widow of a much older baronet. His major source of income is the notorious Harridan House. Her husband’s heir was appalled at her inheritance and cut off all contact with her.

Jason inherited a title and more from Sir Roger, but the thought of his most lucrative business appalls him, as does his attraction to Roger’s widow, Diana.

Years have passed since the death of the founder of Harridan House. Diana is not so enamoured of the enterprise and Jason is not quite so judgemental of its proprietor.

This is an erotically charged tale with two strong willed and appealing main characters. Diana is a main character in most of these tales, but her true personality and her history are shown here.

A Maid for the Taking

Lucy is more than Madame Rouge’s personal maid; she is more of a general factotum and even plays the part of Madame Rouge at times. Diana hired her when she lost her position due to her inability to hold her tongue. She has a sister who makes her living on the streets and wants to own a tavern.

Sir Robert is a completely dissipated regular at Harridan House. He has become obsessed with Madame Rouge and confused when she sometimes flirts with him and other times ignores him.

A lady’s maid becomes the mistress of a rake who finds that Lucy is the one woman that he does not become bored with. He likes her and decides that he might as well marry her as well as one of the insipid but well bred women his mother finds for him.

This is an unusual story. Lucy is definitely not of the same class as Robert, particularly with her sister Mary. Robert is obviously in love with her but can not voice the emotion and might not even recognize it.

I really enjoyed this story collection. I have always loved stories set in this era and Harridan House adds a dimension not often found in this genre. The characters both main and peripheral are all very well drawn and the plot lines interesting with some pretty intense and creative love scenes.

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