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Book #2 Recipe for Love Series
ISBN: 978-0-312-35646-0
March 2010
St. Martin’s Paperbacks
336 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Realizing all of your dreams should taste sweeter, but Devon Sparks is having a hard time finding something to smile about these days. The penthouse suite, fancy car, and on-call chauffer are luxuries he has earned and thoroughly enjoys, but there is something missing he cannot quite put his finger on.

New York City is about as far from her Blue Ridge Mountain roots as Lilah Jane Tunkle has ever been, and she is reveling in the change. She is turning over a new leaf, no longer content to be nondescript Lolly; Lilah Jane is ready to explore her wild side.

The four-star restaurants and top-rated cooking shows are everything Devon worked his butt off to achieve, and thanks to his movie-star good looks he has done exceptionally well…professionally. Personally is a whole different matter. With few friends, a pitiful excuse for a relationship with his son, and absolutely no contact with his parents, Devon is becoming a bitter and solitary man. But his life is about to get a wake-up call, and Lilah Jane is woman enough to get all of his senses standing up and taking notice. Lilah sees a man hell-bent on driving people away, including a precious little boy who needs his Dad as much as Dad needs him, and despite the likelihood that her heart will get crushed in the process, she is determined to bring them together.

If you need a real feel-good, make your heart sing, and your body tingle kind of afternoon this is the perfect recipe for success. Never one to back down, Lilah Jane tromps her way into readers hearts, just as easily as she does into Devon’s. His seriously over-blown ego takes a beating as his deepest fears are realized, but you never lose faith in him even when he seems to lose faith in himself. Besides Lilah and Devon, there are a few others in this mix that keep things stirred up, and it is with much anticipation that we must await the next installment in the Recipe for Love Series.

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