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ISBN#: 9781926930824
November 2011
Breathless Press
31 Pages
Romance, Paranormal, Gay/Lesbian, Paranormal, BDSM, Vampires, Erotica, M/M
Rating: 3 Cups

Orion is a vampire whose past is more horrible than most could imagine. Turned at sixteen by an older vampire, he is forced to torture and abuse humans and vampires alike. While a Dom by nature, he is deathly afraid of letting that side of himself have control.

Xavier is the human feeder Orion loves, but whom he lost because he could not give the man what he needed, which was to be dominated.

Malagan is Orion’s friend and the vampire who saved him from the one who turned him. He is determined to help Orion find his way back to being a Dom.

Orion loves Xavier but knows that he cannot give the man what he needs, so he lets him go. Unfortunately, this causes Xavier to seek out Doms who abuse him, and or disrespect him. While Orion and Malagan go out of their way save Xavier from himself on more than one occasion, the man seems determined to let whatever vampire wants to, both abuse and feed from him. Malagan knows that the only way to help Orion overcome his fear of harming the feeder he loves is by giving him back some of his control in a safe environment. Can Malagan truly help Orion, or will Orion continue to fear himself and what his true nature is?

I enjoyed reading Orion’s Way, but the storyline is not for the faint of heart. The emotions generated by this well-written read are intense. The author has a clear understanding of BDSM , what it truly is, and how it should be safely used, making this one of the more accurate BDSM stories out there in my opinion. The sex is uber hot, although I was a little confused at first as to who the partners were going to be. The relationships could have been a little better explained as this would have helped with that. Overall, this is a good story for anyone wanting to sate their appetite with a little BDSM, intense emotions, and for those who enjoy M/M romance.

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