Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781937058241
September 2011
Storm Moon Press
89 Pages
M/M Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

It has taken a lot for Riley Lynch to pull himself together after his fiasco with Jake, and though he still has a long way to go, every day gets a little easier. He knows now it takes time and patience to really get to know someone, but it was a lesson he definitely learned the hard way.

One crazy night at a party changed Sebastian Rossi’s life immeasurably, but he really has no one to blame but himself. In the back of his mind there lurks the horror of what he is becoming, and yet he has little choice but to accept his fate.

The coffee dates with Bastian have been exactly what Riley has needed to ease back into the realm of dating, but he is still not quite sure where it may lead. Bastian is very aware of his feelings for Riley, and is thrilled when Riley agrees to go on a real date, but his changes are about to go into high gear. Lies are something Riley will never tolerate, and Bastian must come clean about what is going on within his body, but this admission is nothing compared to what lies in store. Bastian has no doubt he would do anything to keep Riley’s love, but when that becomes a life or death decision, will his decision crush the very thing he holds so dear?

These two young men have all the bases covered from deep heartfelt emotion to a super sexy love affair. I really love how you get an insider view to what is going on in their heads long before the physicality of their relationship comes into play. The pain they feel is very real and touching and you will agonize right alongside both of them. You also get an inkling of a parallel story in relation to Bastian’s change, and it has you itching to know more.

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