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Great Lake Wolves

Book 1: Accepting the Alpha
Book 2: Our Omega

Great Lake Wolves Book 2
ISBN# 9781784300517
June 2014
Totally Bound
180 pages
Paranormal, Gay Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Noah, has been broken, by his own father and a broken alpha is of no use to anyone, especially his mate. Or that is what he thought until he realised said mate was walking straight back into the danger zone. If anyone is going to fight the madness that is Alpha Steele, it is going to be Noah and if he can protect his mate, all the better.

Dax needs downtime, but who has the time? Now his mate is right under his nose and they have to leave at dawn on a job that looks like it is going south before they even get there. But everyone knows Dax, a beta wolf, does not lose control to his wolf, and for an alpha to admit a similar feeling, something is wrong and they need to know what.

It does not take long for Noah and Dax to realize their problem is a who. Landon, an omega wolf, a wolf of legend and mate to both. Locked in an experimental breeding center, with what is left of his pack and a very protective fiery little sister.

Dax and Noah make a rough and ready couple, giving security to both men, Landon brings a softness to the mating and a new twist to the series. Our Omega is the second book and does continue the story. It is advised that the series be read in order to follow the twisted madness of Alpha Steele. And nobody would want to miss the sexy maleness of the Great Lake Wolves.

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