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ISBN: 9781611187304
February 2012
Loose ID
173 Pages
Western Historical Ménage
Rating: 4 Cups

Annabelle Stephens was known as Sweetheart Annie when she lived in the east. Now that she has moved to Texas, she plans on dropping that horrid nickname and showing these southerners what she is really made of.

Xander Hollis could not believe his luck when he ran into a hotel room and found a beautiful woman in a very small hip bath. Jumping in, he quickly forms a plan to get away from the men hunting him and keep the woman who has turned to a spitfire in his arms.

James is Xander's outlaw partner and he also wants to be more for his sexy partner. When Xander shows up with a well-loved woman in his arms, James knows his life with Xander will not be the same.

Annabelle quickly learns what passion means in the arms of her outlaw lover. When she meets James and starts to feel the same erotic feelings for the other sexy outlaw, Annabelle quickly starts to question whether she is nothing more than a hussy. But everything is different in the south and these two outlaws are determined to show her that having two men in her bed is not a bad thing. Now the only obstacle is stopping the railroad company from stealing land from good people, which would be a lot easier if it was not Annabelle's father ordering the thieving.

I do have to say when I first met Annabelle I did not like her, mainly because she seemed to cry at the drop of a hat. But an amazing thing happened; as the story progressed I watched as Ms. Petrova transformed the weepy woman into a strong-willed woman determined to take on her own father to get her way. On top of this powerful performance, I got to watch the succulent interaction between James and Xander build and build until it finally exploded into one hellaciously passionate encounter. Outlaws of Love has a compelling plot of the railroad...err...railroading its way through the landmasses, three people coming together at the most interesting time, two men determined to stop the railroad magnate from destroying the people they care for, and a woman finally shedding a persona that she never wanted. If you like sexy cowboys, stubborn women, and dangerous situations, then you will thoroughly enjoy this Texas-sized tale.

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