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ISBN#: 1610345800
August 2011
Siren Publishing
245 Pages
Mainstream Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Melissa Wendell works in Human Resources for a communications company. Her favorite hobby is working on her family’s genealogy. She is single and happy in her work and her life.

Jaylene Wendell is Melissa’s sister. She is also a well known western romance author, and psychic. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mike Rawlins is a police detective in Seattle, the city that Melissa lives in. He gets assigned to a case that involves Melissa and Jaylene.

It starts with threatening phone calls that Melissa chalks up to a kid playing pranks. She doesn’t think too much of them since there is no reason, at least not one she can think of, for someone to want to hurt her. When Jaylene comes for a visit to Seattle a car nearly runs both the women down, and Jaylene’s psychic gift is screaming at her there is more to this than Melissa thinks. Shaken up the two women return to Melissa’s rather isolated house after talking to the police, and that night there is a second incident. This time, Jaylene, who often has trouble sleeping at night, sees a man running across her sister’s backyard. Convinced this is the man that tried to run them down earlier in the day, Jaylene drops a glass and it shatters on the kitchen floor. This brings her sister running whom Jaylene then tells to call the police. A handsome detective Mike Rawlins arrives and is assigned to their case when it becomes apparent that Jaylene did indeed see someone in the backyard. The cops also find that this someone has been in Melissa’s backyard several different times. While Detective Rawlins is attracted to Melissa, he is not so sure that her sister is not some quack since she claims to have a “gift” and know things, though she seems nice enough. He warns the sisters not to go anywhere alone, or to any isolated locations. When the sisters decide to go to Boston for a short vacation so Jaylene can do some research for a future book, and Melissa can do some further genealogy research, he is less than enthused about the idea. However, at this point he can do little to stop them and warns them to be careful. Stranger things begin to happen, including someone claiming to be getting messages from their dead grandmother. In spite of everything, the two make the trip only to have danger follow them to Boston. Will Melissa and Mike have a chance at getting to know each other and falling in love? Or will a killer silence Melissa and Jaylene forever?

I really enjoyed reading this book! This appears to be Ms. Lynn’s second book, and I for one plan on buying the other one now that I’ve read this one. The build up of suspense in this story kept me on the edge of my seat and turning pages as I read very late into the night. I simply could not put this book down until I knew the conclusion. It has everything, romance, ghosts, psychics, bad guys and a sexy hot cop. A girl cannot ask for much more from a romance, and this author in my opinion just hit all the right buttons, at least for this reader. If you enjoy romantic suspense with all of the elements listed above then you simply have to get your copy of Out of the Past today!

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