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ISBN# 9780451231123 /9781101459805
September 7, 2010
Penguin Group, New American Library, NAL Accent
Paperback/ ebook
$ 15.00/ $9.99
336 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Clara Fitzgerald was hit hard by the death of her mother and it triggered a search for the history that so fascinated the woman who her lost mother was so intrigued by. While researching Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein and possible ancestor to Clara, secrets are revealed that Clara never anticipated finding. How much of Shelley’s story was left untold and what will these long ago threads bring to life in Clara’s time?

Anthony, Clara’s fiancé and genetic pioneer, thinks he may have the answers that Clara seeks, but what other agenda is he hiding from her? Does he love her, or is there more going on with Anthony than meets the eye?

Daniel, caretaker of Clara’s new friend and fellow Shelley scholar, Kay is attractive and attentive, things that Clara has not had at home for some time. Will he show Clara that there is more to life than what she has planned?Together with Kay, Clara begins unraveling the story of Mary, a girl that history forgot when the monster she created grew to be such a large historical feature that his shadow hid his maker. Suspense and human nature at its rawest form drive this quiet academic into a web of the past that may change the fabric of the future.

In the quiet, well-mannered world of the academic professor, Clara keeps the company of books and hides from reality, even when the monster may be the one she keeps closest to her. The characters were well developed and the setting clear, but the story was slow to move to any action, the hook unclear until nearly a quarter of the way through the story. Told in velvety tones that will wrap the reader in the beauty of the written word, perhaps other readers will not be thrown off by the lack of plot movement that was less than appealing to this reader.

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