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ISBN: 9781595789372
14 May 2012
Liquid Silver Books
100 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Elizabeth Martin is a cleaning lady in Minneapolis. Once working in a high-rise in NYC, the tragedy of 9/11 has given her the opportunity to escape her abusive marriage. Her husband thinks she died in the collapse of the South Tower. She thinks she covered all her tracks and hopes he cannot find her.

Alan McCarthy opens a law office from his home and looks for a cleaning service. The cleaning lady, Liz, causes an instant attraction, which he does not expect. Fed up with the way women just want to run his life and spend his money, he has sworn off dating. However, everything about Liz grabs his attention, making him question his decision.

Meanwhile Liz's husband, Matthew, has been called to identify a body found with Liz’s purse. Since it is not her, he is enraged and vows to kill her. A simple accident, not to mention a bit of luck on Matthew’s part, puts Liz in jeopardy. Alan has to figure things out and help save the woman he has started to love.

This story is uncomplicated and entertaining, making it an enjoyable read. Readers are given the right amount of information to follow, not given a suffocating amount of details about the characters, setting or events. The author uses point of views for the three main characters in a way that is not confusing and easy to follow. Mental comments add to the story, so readers learn a bit about the characters. I recommend this short read to someone looking for a good romance with a bit of suspense thrown in.

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