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ISBN- 978-1-59578-899-3
April 2008
New Concepts Publishing
182 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Alissa Montgomery could hear a voice calling her name, as well as a crying baby. Even though a nasty storm was bearing down on her, she had to find the source of both. She seems to think she sees a doorway and that she needs to get back through, but yet she needs to try to get the baby and herself to safety.

Rafe is Alissa’s husband and he cannot understand what is going on with her lately. Just thinking maybe depression after their daughter is born, he is confused and non-believing that she has traveled through time; that Alissa does not remember most things.

Still believing she came from a few years back, she tries to convince others that the weird happenings are not her doing. In the meantime she finds a maternal instinct for her daughter and feels a love and passion for Rafe. What she does not know is why this is happening or that her life may be in danger.

Out of the Storm is a different twist on a time-travel romance, leaving you guessing till the end if that is truly what happens. I love the fire between Rafe and Alissa, the passion and tenderness that cannot be disputed. If you are looking for a different read then go grab a copy to liven up your reading time.

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