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ISBN#: 9781426890703
November 2010
Carina Press
222 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Mandy is not satisfied with her life. She loves her job as a librarian and she loves her boyfriend enough to tolerate his scheduled sex days. But only having sex on certain days is not satisfying her desires.

James is Mandy’s uptight neighbor. He abides by the rules and will not tolerate anyone who does not. His heart is in the right place when he asks Mandy to move in and help take care of his dog, Frankie while he is away on business.

Mandy has been in a very restricted relationship for the last three years, but in one week’s time, Mandy’s life is turned upside down. She has sexual encounters with complete strangers, and likes it. Finding her live-in boyfriend, Martin is cheating on her really opens the door for Mandy to explore the sexual tendencies that have arisen. When Mandy discovers that she is not quite the mousy librarian she believes she is, the gloves come off. Helping out a neighbor with a favor will benefit Mandy in more ways than she could ever imagine.

Overdue for Pleasure certainly lives up to its title. I appreciated the openness Mandy experiences within her sexuality. The fact that her lovers are willing to share her only heightens the reader’s involvement in the story. I did have a slight problem with the almost non-consensual sex scene later on in the book. It was not rape, but it treaded a very fine line. That scene broke my stride as I read on, but I was quickly able to rebound. Ms. Aikens turns an extremely sensual tale with Mandy and her beautiful men.

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