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The Henning Sisters

Book 1: Ultimate Gamble
Book 2: In Over Her Head
Book 3: Package Deal

The Henning Sisters, Book 3
ISBN#: 9781454302605
May 2013
Red Rose Publishing
245 Pages
Interracial/Multicultural, Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Chante envies her sisters and their new men, and she wants to know where is hers. She is waiting for Mr. Right, but he sure is taking his time to arrive. There is one man she wants to be him, but he has a lot of baggage.

Max finds Chante extremely sexy and the chemistry is off the charts, but he carries scars left from the past. A gentle shove from his daughters gets him moving in the right direction, but his insensitivity derails him pretty fast.

Chante gave herself to the man of her dreams only to have him start pushing her to the side. Max knows he has one chance to make things right if he could only get Chante to hear him out. Is it time to call in the cavalry, or he will lose her forever?

Package Deal is quite literally that. It will break your heart and then mend it, make you cry, and then make you laugh. Stephanie Morris is an outstanding writer who can tell a story and make all the characters three dimensional. The reader is engaged through all their senses and comes away believing happily ever after does happen, and all it takes is love and trust. There is a line so unique that I have to quote it. Max makes a point of saying he comes with a lot of baggage and Chante responds, “I know but I’m willing to help you unpack it.” The best one line I have ever read in a book.

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