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ISBN: 0615477623, 978-0615477626
April 2011
Blackbear Books
Paperback / E-Book
$9.99 / $3.99
202 Pages
Romantic Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Living in Prague has been a dream come true for Pandora Krizova and her husband Ty. She loves the look and feel of the city, and is more than happy with the way her shop, Pandora’s Box, has prospered.

Being Czech himself, Ty was not worried about coming back to Prague, but after being in America for so many years, he is no longer considered a local. Ty must contend with the old way of doing business in Prague, and if he is not careful, he could lose everything.

With her lingerie shop doing so well, Pandora finally realizes she needs to let loose a little and really enjoy her life, and especially her husband. They have always had an amazing sex life, but there is always room for improvement. Ty and Pandora decide to explore their fantasies, and see where it takes them, but it seems their sex life may be the least of their concerns. Ty must rely on government officials to complete his contracts, and Pandora is not against fighting dirty when one crooked bureaucrat sets him up for a fall.

Openness and honesty are the basis for any good marriage, but Ty and Pandora clearly show how adventure and creativity are equally as important. Pandora takes Ty’s fantasies and explores them thoroughly, and not only Ty but you, the reader, get to enjoy the full fruits of her labors. It is Pandora’s fantasies I find to be a little more suspect, and I think she does not give Ty the full disclosure he deserves. This story, however, is incredibly erotic, and whether the scenes involve f/f, f/m, or f/m/m etc. you always feel right there in the moment.

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