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ISBN: 9780578023229
May, 2009
Night to Dawn Books
158 pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 3 cups

Desree is the ultimate "Daughter of the Forest." Although only in her teens, she knows and understands the jungle and all its subtle moods and nuances. Her superior strength and agility combined with this knowledge allows her to thrive in the fierce wilderness filled with savage beasts and creatures.

Zanthor Than and Dejah Manth, Desree's parents, were descendants of the ancient branch of First Ones who chose to live in the wild and commune with nature rather than stay with the main branch of First One scientists who eventually departed the planet. They passed along their love of nature and adventure to their daughter.

When two German scientists find a portal back to the prehistoric past, they cannot resist the temptation to go and explore. After meeting the keeper of the ancient one's treasure trove, they quickly learn his secrets and kill him. They flee the land only to return with a small group of soldiers in order to take the treasure. A battle ensues over the treasure involving the soldiers, Desree and her parents, and a vast array of brutal creatures and animals.

The characters in the story were well written and very vivid. You knew and understood the main characters' strengths and motivations, and even found yourself liking some of the supporting animalistic characters. The story contained a lot of violent action scenes with bloody to-the-death fights with prehistoric beasts. The presence of advanced technology wars with such a primitive setting. This book is a sequel to Pangaea: Eden's Planet.

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