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A New Dawn, Book 1
ISBN: 9781937044022 (EB), 9781937044039 (PB)
August 2011
Entangled Publishing, LLC
E-Book / Print
$6.99 / $14.99
228 Pages
Science Fiction Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Her best friend lost her life to get away from New Dawn, and Aries Ryder fears she might suffer the same fate. The risk, however, is one she is willing to take to experience even a moment of free will.

Five years ago Striker was left for dead on this arid planet by his so-called friends, but he has survived against all odds. The alien ship he discovered has saved his life, and he hopes to one day find Refuge and save what is left of humanity.

New Dawn has been traveling for generations, and still has many more years before it reaches its destination, but Aries cannot wait any longer. Her crash landing on Sahara 354 nearly kills her, and the planet itself might still, if not for Striker. She has never met a man like him, and her heart instantly takes an interest. Striker was wounded deeply when his last lover left him to die, but when Aries’ life is threatened he learns very quickly what it feels like to truly care.

This is one of those stories that only gets better as it goes along. The imagination of this author has been laid wide open, and the alien worlds within these pages vividly come to life. The bad guys might be a bit over dramatized, but the main characters easily capture your interest with adventures that are both daring and dangerous. I have enjoyed sci-fi since I was a kid, and this is a fantastic foray back into that genre.

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