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ISBN#: 9781935563303/9781935563297
July 2010
Penumbra Publishing
294 Pages
Science-Fiction / Romance / Parallel World
Rating: 3 Cups

Orion is from Earthzad, a parallel world of Earth. His people are more scientifically advanced, and he is the first man from Earthzad to travel to Earth.

Jocasta is the leader of Mardak, the country that Orion comes from. Orion is very attracted to Jocasta.

Elizabeth is an English woman upon whom the Earthzadian’s have bestowed the power of seership. She is less than enthused about the idea of being a psychic.

Orion is very attracted to Jocasta and insulted when she does not come to speak to him after his first historic trip to Earth. He goes to confront her about it and finds himself, the consummate lady’s man, being rebuffed. Undeterred, he continues to try and get close to Jocasta, when she too begins falling in love, she reveals a horrifying secret. Orion is unable to handle her honesty. He later begins watching Elizabeth, an English woman, who has been given the gift of sight by the Earthzadians. It is their hope she will be able to warn a little girl’s mother that her daughter is about to be kidnapped by a mad woman. Unfortunately, the child is still kidnapped and though Elizabeth and a few select female Earthzadians are trying to send her information that will allow her to help the police to find the child, it is not enough. It is then decided that Orion will reveal himself and the Earthzadians to Elizabeth. During a few meetings these two fall hard for each other. However, his help and love are still not enough and Elizabeth is captured and imprisoned by the very mad woman that took the child. Will Orion be able to save them or will injuries and the warlike Sveltans keep him away?

I enjoyed reading Parallel Triangle. It took me a bit to get into the book, but once I did I was pleasantly surprised. The idea of a parallel Earth that is more advanced than ours is an intriguing one. Throw in the idea of travel between the two planets, and a love triangle and you have a recipe for success. The suspense, particularly after the child is taken, really helps to move the storyline along. Ms. Hyatt-James is particularly good at building up that suspense. Also, the ending is surprising and well worth the wait.

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