Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #: 978-1-929976-72-0
June 2010
Top Publications, Ltd.
Trade Paperback
247 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Piper O’Donnell is married to a man twenty years her senior. She loves him but most people believe that she is a gold digger. She is finding it hard to fit into her new life in Ohio, and is homesick for New York.

Rusty O’Brien mans the counter at the local liquor store and becomes Piper’s confidant. He is everything her husband is not, young, handsome and loyal.

Piper is a trophy wife but anything but typical. She actually loves her husband and her family actually has money too. She is unaware that the hated move to Ohio occurred because Charles was literally caught with his pants down, though everyone in Ohio seems to be in on the secret. Things come to a head when Charles is murdered and Piper is the prime suspect. Rusty O’Brien comes to the rescue and helps her investigate the murder.

This story is well written and very funny in parts. Piper is definitely a fish out of water in this Ohio town. She does not like the people who assume that she is a stupid Barbie Doll and she does nothing to dispel their opinion. Most of the characters are difficult to like, including Piper a good part of the time. Charles’ murder investigation was my favorite part of the book, and the author does a good job of leading the reader to the murderer. There are lots of twists and turns in the mystery that kept things interesting and a very exciting conclusion.

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