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Pru Marlowe Pet Noir Mysteries
Book 1: Dogs Don’t Lie
Book 2: Cats Can’t Shoot
Book 3: Parrots Prove Deadly

A Pru Marlowe Pet Noir Mystery, Book 3
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-26926-6
January 2015
Worldwide Library
$7.99 US / $8.99 CAN
299 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

With the days getting shorter and the air cooler, Pru Marlowe knows it will not be long before the heating bills sky-rocket. When a job comes in to retrain an obnoxious parrot, Pru jumps at the chance to make a little extra money.

Even in small towns like Beauville the drug trade is big business, which means Detective Jim Creighton has his work cut out for him. What he does not want to accept is that someone he cares about could be involved.

Randolph the parrot swears like a sailor, but Pru cannot figure out is if there is something more behind the bird’s insults and agitation. The elderly lady who owned him died of apparently natural causes, yet the more Pru works with the bird the more concerned she gets. Something sketchy is going on at the retirement centre, as well as a nearby condo complex, but Pru has too much on her plate to bring it all together. Jim advises Pru to watch her step, which only entices her to investigate further. Yet once again her psychic connection to animals is more confusing than helpful.

Pru’s ability to commune with animals only takes her so far, especially when she is as obstinate as the bird she is working with. All too often I feel she acts rashly, like a bull-headed teenager who lacks the maturity to make good decisions. Jim tries to warn her off, even her cat Wallis cautions her, but Pru barrels on. In my opinion, she needs to lay off the liquor, learn to accept Jim as a positive in her life, and actually complete her training. Then she might become a much more enjoyable and intriguing main character.

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