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ISBN: 9781604356854
March 2010
Red Rose Publishing
306 Pages
Erotic Romance; Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Joanie Saint Claire gave herself to Julian willingly, never expecting there to be consequences. But after he was forced to the altar by her father and his gun, Joanie found herself alone after being married for one day.

Four years has passed since that fateful day when Julian was forced to marry Joanie. After his divorce papers have been repeatedly been returned to him unsigned and with odd notes, he is ready to confront his wife so he can get on with his life.

The beautiful woman who is now his wife is in no way like the klutzy, somewhat nerdy girl he married. Julian thought getting Joanie to sign the papers would be hard but she quickly agrees with one ultimatum. When he finds out why she is so quick to agree, he finds himself reluctant to finish their marriage in a cold and analytical way. But someone is waiting on the sidelines for his marriage to be over and she will use whatever tricks she can to make sure Julian ends up hers, even if it means spreading lies and causing destruction to make it happen.

Ms. O’Malley has a way with words that gives the reader a chance to relate to the emotional upheavals the characters go through. Passionate Bid is a story that holds you enthralled from the first moment as the heartrending emotion and bitterness that leaves a sour taste pour from the prologue. We see Julian graduate from a resentful young man into someone who learns how his acidic tongue left welts on others. The strength of Joanie and all she has overcome is amazing enough to read about, but seeing how her unselfishness towards others shines through the pages leaves you craving more. I could not put this book down and it gives a reader the hope that they can find their own person to love coffee, not matter how bitter and horrible it is.

As a reader I caution you to have a box of tissues by your side and be prepared for strange looks when you suddenly burst out laughing.

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