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ISBN#: 978-1-57344-415-6
November 1, 2010
Cleis Press
Trade Paperback
240 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Big-Bed Sex

She has a free night at the Beverly Hills Hotel. What more could a girl want? How about someone to share it with?

Work kept him from being with his wife for her book signing, but a text message from her shows him exactly how much he is missing.

The bigger the bed the more creative the sex, and if her husband could see this bed, she has no doubt the sex would be over the top. Unfortunately he is stuck at work, and she is stuck in the most luxurious hotel room she has ever seen, with nothing but an overactive imagination, and raging hormones.

Ahh…a little change of scenery is always good for the soul, and something tells me this couple is not the only one to benefit from a night away and a generous mattress.

My Dark Knight

Since first coming to this café, Olivia has been longing to make contact with its owner, but there has been no indication that he even knows she exists.

She sits by herself, sipping coffee, and nibbling her dessert, and it takes almost losing her business, before Omar gets up the courage to speak to her.

The dog coming into the café freaks her out, but having Omar come to her rescue was a blessing in disguise. They finally have a real and honest conversation, but what follows, feels more like a fairy tale.

A secret crush warms the heart, but the fulfillment of that dream is sure to set fire to all parts south of the equator.

Dear in the Headlights

Not again! It has been months since Cass has been able to be with her husband, but not even Fate is going to get in the way this time.

Sitting in a ditch is so not how Daniel envisioned this night, but once again something has seen fit to get between him and his wife.

After realizing that Daniel is fine, just waiting for a tow, Cass decides to rework her plans. She is all dressed up and raring to go, only this time, Daniel will not see it coming.

A little roadside pick-me-up is just the cure for these two workaholics, and the threat of exposure only heightens the fun.

The Cherry Orchard

Live in a place long enough, and it is easy to get attached, so saying good-bye needs to be done in style, and she knows just how to do it.

The every day events of life can often get in the way of romance, but loving his wife is never a chore.

Each room holds a special memory, and it is with love, lust, and affection that they leave this home.

Take a tour of your home and dredge up some wonderful memories, but like this couple, do not forget to make some new ones.

Autumn Suite

Many people say they have a favorite song, but she can honestly say she fell in love with her husband because of one.

The cello is an extension of his soul, and to play something so moving that it brought him the greatest love of his life is an affirmation of that feeling.

They were friends before they were lovers, but hearing him play on that day for no one but himself is what sealed her fate. And so many years later, as she hears that same piece caressed from his instrument, she falls in love all over again.

Music stirs the soul, and in this story your heart will sing in harmony with its characters.


Some people just get off on a really good debate, but Alicia takes it to a whole new level.

He loves everything about her, but what Drake loves most is the fire behind the fight.

Being a lawyer is as natural as breathing for Alicia, and for her an argument is almost as good as foreplay. So it is a good thing Drake knows how to push every one of her buttons, and can give as good as he gets.

Nothing gets the blood pumping faster for Alicia than to battle it out with her husband Drake, and we get ringside seats to a fantastic showdown.

The Silver Belt

She could not have asked for a more beautiful gift from her husband, but Maya cannot ignore the fact that there is trouble in her marriage.

Seeing her through the store’s window day after day has Art nearly animalistic with desire, and it is the belt that does it.

She wears it every day, and it makes her feel sexy, desirable, and unbelievably horny, but it is not until Art makes his move that Maya knows she is ready to take the next step. It is one she can never take back, but holding back is no longer tolerable.

Like a sexy pair of heels, Maya wears her belt with an air of self-assurance and allure, but the confident outside masks the insecurities roiling beneath the surface.

Five Senses

They may not have ordinary lives, but like most couples married for any length of time, Kelly fears they are getting complacent.

Traditionally they celebrate with a night out, but this time Lawrence is changing things up.

When Lawrence tells her they are staying in, Kelly never imagines the extent of his plans. Tonight is all about them, and her concerns of monotony are slowly and sensually being destroyed.

Date night is not an unfamiliar concept, but how far do we really take it? Who says it has to be a fancy dinner and dancing when just turning off the TV and phone, and turning on each other, can lead to so much more fun?

The Arch of Triumph

Paris is for lovers, and that would be nice, but right now she would just like to get her bearings.

Maybe not a damsel in distress, but helping her out seems like the right thing to do, and he is so glad he did.

The language barrier was a bit disconcerting, but finding herself wildly attracted to this helpful and much younger man is even more so. They share a wonderful evening of music and conversation, but when he offers more, she is absolutely helpless to say no.

Women are usually much more age conscious than men, but when everyone is legal, willing, and able, we need to let stereotypes go and just enjoy the ride.

Crave You Close

Many think they have been young and stupid, and maybe they have, but there is one thing for certain, Krista will follow her Nicky to the ends of the earth.

He knows he is a screw up, and he wants to make up for that, especially for Krista and their son, but coming home may have not been the best move for Nicky.

Hearing him fight with his father makes Krista cringe, but she knows one way to take Nicky’s mind off of his problems. They just need a little peace, and quiet, and privacy.

It is amazing to see the faith this young couple has in their love, despite what life has thrown at them.

An Easy Guy to Fall On

Being in a new city and crammed into an overcrowded bus has Ina’s nerves stretched to the limit.

No matter how many years he has lived here, Saeed Qasim can never forget his heritage or his traditions.

She has seen him on the same bus and seen him get off at the same exit many times, but Ina could never bring herself to speak to him, until she nearly fell at his feet. Saeed wants to be with Ina very badly, but a casual fling with a woman like her is not acceptable. But what if it could be more?

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings between Ina and Saeed, but when they stop thinking and start feeling, their whole world comes to life on the page.

Lingua Franca

The silent brooding bartender may be sex on two legs, but whether he likes it or not, it is up to Maggie to teach him enough English to do his job.

He is a long way from home, but language barrier or not, Karel knows when he is being put down, and that is how he feels with his boss.

There is no easy way to get a drunk to calm down, but when he starts brandishing a broken bottle at Karel, Maggie jumps into the fray. The fact that she tried to protect him, pisses Karel off, but it also turns him on, and with the adrenaline running high, they ignite.

High emotions combined with an intense sexual attraction transition a dangerous bar brawl into a sensual encounter so hot we may all need a cool drink.

Third Time’s the Charm

This is it, and no matter how much it hurts, Lynn cannot keep rehashing the same old arguments.

It is time to lay it all on the line, and if it takes a little underhanded finagling, Nick is willing to do it.

Nick knows the statistics of divorce for cops, but the thought of letting Lynn walk away without one last try tears him up. They are just too good together, and he will do everything in his power to save a relationship that satisfies, both in and out of the bedroom.

Nick and Lynn are fighting a real battle, but it is so hot to see a man like Nick who loves so deeply he is willing to make it work no matter what it takes.

Riding Wild Things

Outside of the rodeo circuit there are not too many men who can understand Leigh’s drive and passion, and she has been disappointed more than once.

The first time he saw her on the back of a horse, Jake Daniels knew he had found the one.

She has had her eye on Jake for quite a while, and now it seems like they may finally have the chance to make something happen. She had an awesome ride, and so did Jake on his bull, and with all of that adrenaline, sparks are certainly ready to fly.

The need for speed and hooking up with a danger junky results in climax so electrifying you will swear you just survived an entire eight seconds.

No Risk, No Reward

It was supposed to be a weekend with her brother and one of his buddies, but two weeks have passed, and now she is no longer sure she can say good-bye.

He tried to persuade her to come with him, but as his train rolls away, Cameron knows it will not be the last time he sees her.

Why did she say no? Right now she cannot imagine what possessed her to do so, and the thought of this being the last time she would see Cameron has her making up her mind. Their time is not ove, because she is not ready to give up the man who has opened her heart and her eyes to experiences she never imagined she was brave enough to try.

Nothing is hotter than seeing a woman who wants her man so much she is willing to throw caution to the wind to make it happen.


It is customary for the maid of honor to be paired up with the best man at the wedding, but Valerie is wishing it could be so much more.

The sparks are there and for Hayden there is nothing to hold him back, but for her it is a little more complicated.

There has been something brewing in her relationship with Chris for a few months now, but Valerie cannot quite put her finger on the problem. To feel such an intense attraction for another man has her questioning everything, and the answers she reveals may finally see the end to her problems.

Valerie’s heart is in such turmoil, and you can feel her pain as she struggles with a powerful attraction to another man, and the long time love with her boyfriend.

Getting It Right

They tried it once, but Heather knew the end result was not what either of them had envisioned.

He does not want to hurt her. It is not about that, but that first time Jesse knew he caused her real pain.

The cane was put away after that night, and not brought back out since, but Heather is ready to try it again. She trusts Jesse with her life, her love, and her safety, and it is time to show him just how high he can take her.

Trust must be implicit and undeniable to play like Heather and Jesse, and when they have their heads on right it takes them beyond ecstasy.

The Morning Ride

Every morning Sophie picks the same seat on the same train hoping to see the man across the aisle that has had a starring role in some the most erotic dreams she has ever experienced.

He sees her sitting there day after day but Daniel has not got up the courage to speak to her. He just watches and dreams.

They surreptitiously watch each other, all the while running a film of fantasies in their heads, but when fate literally throws them together, will they have the courage to finally make it real?

The Efficiency Expert

At the bar is the man who has made the last few weeks at work a living hell, but Susie is unable to turn away.

Drowning his sorrows in gin seems like a good way to spend the evening for Noah Stevens, until someone else catches his attention.

Noah looks so beaten down that Susie cannot help herself; she takes the seat next to him. The pain on his face does not disguise the gorgeous man beneath, but can she honestly have an attraction to someone who almost cost her her job? Noah knows just how to sooth his battered heart and Susie is the perfect person for that position.

Frustration, anger, and passion are a volatile mix in any scenario, but when they all get funneled into one heated exchange you will certainly feel the fire.


Sara has always played by the rules, good daughter, good wife, and good mother, but now she wants something more.

The morning of Carl’s birthday starts out with a declaration from his wife that nearly has him spewing his coffee, so when he begins receiving her texts, he knows something is up.

The planning is all done, now Sara just needs Carl to play along. Their relationship is as solid as it has been from the beginning, but this year Sara is ready to expand their horizons.

We can all get in a rut, but it takes guts, daring, and trust to step outside of the box like Sara does, and I wholeheartedly applaud her efforts.

Steamy encounters come one after another in each of these luscious stories about love and passion. These couples will open your heart and mind to endless possibilities and solutions to keeping the fires going. They demonstrate that no matter your age (as long as it is legal and consensual), or how long your relationship, there should be no barriers when it comes to sharing your heart and soul with your lover. Some of these stories are fun, some flirty, but every one is fabulously sexy.

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