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ISBN: 978-0-263-87839-4
September 2010
Mills & Boon
£3.19 UK
186 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Painstakingly pouring over ancient texts is pure pleasure for Dr. Tamsin Connors. What she finds truly difficult is dealing with real people and real emotions, especially those involving men.

Having to perform his duties as Prince of Ruvignia makes Alaric feel like a complete imposter. He is not at all deserving of anyone’s devotion or trust, not after all of the pain and suffering he has caused in the past.

Getting back on track with her career is all Tamsin can concentrate on after the debacle at her last job, and the papers she has recently discovered could do just that. Prince Alaric could be in position to become the next king, but Tamsin has the distinct feeling he wants no part of it. She is afraid, however, when it comes to Alaric that her judgment is completely skewed, and that no matter how badly she was hurt in the past, Alaric has the power to crush her heart. Alaric keeps telling himself he needs to keep Tamsin close because of the sensitive nature of her find, but in reality, he finds it impossible to stay away, and those feelings are scaring him to death.

A fairy tale prince and an innocent maiden are alive and well in this contemporary romance. This tried and true recipe does not disappoint when you have characters as lively and intriguing as Alaric and Tamsin. Tamsin’s early timidity quickly fades as Alaric forces her to see herself as he sees her, and in that moment she really comes to life. I am quite anxious to see if Ms. West has something in the works for Alaric’s cousin Raul, because his story is bound to be every bit as exciting.

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