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ISBN: Unavailable
October 26, 2010
Wild Child Publishing
282 Pages
Historical Suspense / Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Her family is staunch supporters of the Patriot movement against the British, and Hannah Corbett would like nothing more than to stand alongside her father and brothers in the fight for independence. She may be a mere girl in the eyes of those around her, but in her heart she is as dedicated to the cause as any of the men in her family.

The first encounter British Officer Marcus Durham has with the beautiful young Miss Corbett is as unconventional as it is exhilarating, and he knows then and there that she will be his. No matter the cost or consequences, Marcus is willing to put his reputation and career on the line to keep Hannah in his life.

Hannah got her wish to be an active participant in the cause, but it came at a horrific cost. The loss of everyone in her family, except her brother, Jonathan, spurs her into action, and she takes up residence with the one man who was instrumental in all of their deaths, her Loyalist grandfather Alexander Clay. Spying for the Patriots is a thrilling game, and Hannah becomes so entrenched in her role that she can no longer see any way of getting out without costing the lives of so many innocents. Marcus knows he has no right to claim Hannah, and that she may very well be one of the most dangerous of the Patriot spies, but the war between his head and his heart is a battle far mightier than any he will ever face on the front line.

The lines of loyalty blur in the midst of strong emotion and powerful attraction for Hannah and Marcus. Hannah’s character is so young to be put in this situation, but it is hard not to condemn her actions all the same, especially when it comes to her feelings for Marcus. Marcus is a grown man with very binding commitments, but as much as you want to revile him, he does have a tender side that cannot be ignored. This story is one that will make your blood boil in anger and your eyes fill with tears as Hannah fights to avenge her family.

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