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ISBN#: 9780062328342/9780062328359
July 2015
William Morrow
Trade Paperback/E-Book
$26.99 US/$33.50 CAN
368 Pages
Fiction, Romance, Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Art is more than paint on canvas for designer Sara Medina. It is her business, and something she feels very deeply about. To have the opportunity to study and market paintings by Armstrong “Custer” Harris is worth every minute she has to spend in the wilds of Wyoming.

Vermillion Ranch has been on a steady decline for years, and it is going to take everything Jay Vermillion has to bring it back. His stepmother has spent years bleeding the ranch dry, which she will continue to do unless he can find a way to stop her.

Imagining the man behind the gorgeous voice, Sara is still completely unprepared for Jay in the flesh. His deep blue eyes may light her on fire, but for a girl who left the country life behind years ago, Jackson feels like a step back. Jay’s ranch needs the proceeds from the sale of the Custer paintings, yet it is his soldier instincts that he needs to focus on right now. Jay is no stranger to fighting deadly adversaries, although nothing about war compares to the feeling of Sara being in danger, and not knowing who is behind it.

This story is a fabulous assault on the senses, which you feel right from the beginning. The wonderful description of the Jackson area, combined with two very strong-willed and sensual main characters build the excitement to a fantastic finish. Jay and Sara battle it out with the elements while also being hunted, and that same ferocity is also seen in the passion they feel for each other. I will definitely hop on the Lowell bandwagon, and recommend reading anything this author puts out.

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