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ISBN: 9781603184106 / 9781603184090
February 2012
L&L Dreamspell
E-Book / Paperback
$4.99 / $16.95
332 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Jane is still suffering from her hidden past, but has found a father figure, owns “Not So Plain Jane” organic cosmetics, and is looking for love. When on-line dating fails, Jane meets the very sexy Cooper. Unfortunately, she thinks he is a cross dresser at best or a cop at worse.

Former FBI cybercrime guru turned Chief of Police, Cooper meets Jane at the bar after a long cold vice stakeout. At his house, he forgets he still has on the lacy pink panties from his hooker costume. Jane freaks and runs away. Cooper is shocked to discover the reason that being a cop is so bad is because police officers have killed Jane’s mother and foster mother. So he vows to protect the woman he has quickly come to care for.

When Jane’s company is cyber attacked, Cooper knows he is her best chance. Unfortunately, as more questions arise, the unsolved murder of her mother now threatens Jane.

Phish Net Stalkings has an interesting plot and sub-plots. From cyber who-done-it to rotten cops, everything keeps readers hooked. The best parts of the book are the IT aspects. This pulls readers into the story and makes them overlook the logic problems. If some of the villains are a shock, one of them becomes clear towards the end. The jealousy factor is done excellently. The sexual tension between Jane and Cooper is good. The part at the beginning with the pink undies is hilarious. On the other hand, there is a plot device where characters are so amused or amazed they spit out their drinks. Once is fine in a novel, twice is pushing it, beyond that–we are not amused.

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