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ISBN#: 9781927454503
June 2013
Champagne Books
208 Pages
Urban Fantasy Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Chance is a hedge witch, or to put it simply an earth witch. She is spiritually connected to the land left to her by her ancestors. Chance survived becoming a target for a serial killer, but now there seems to be someone else targeting her.

Jack is an FBI agent and Chance’s best friend and one-time lover. He wants more from Chance than she has been willing to give him so far.

When Chance is tumbled from her bed by earth tremors, she uses her psychic and spiritual connection to the earth to calm things down. But it becomes obvious to her very quickly that something other than normal earthquakes and aftershocks is going on. In fact, Chance worries that maybe she is causing the earth to shake. Hoping that first set of earthquakes is it and that she can keep things under control, it soon becomes apparent that that is not the case. When her childhood friend Jaime asks her to check out some weird crop circles, she knows something more is going on. When there is an even bigger earthquake causing her house to tumble down around her and her friend Betty, it feels like her life and her gift are out of control. Then when a strange woman with mad eyes shows up, pieces begin to fall into place. But will Chance and her friends be able to put the puzzle together before someone dies?

Plan Witch From Out of Town is a real page turner! No matter how hard I tried I could not figure out what was going on until the very end. Ms. Long does an excellent job of building the suspense. Told in the first person from Chance’s point of view, the reader really gets a feel for the type of person Chance is. Being able to essentially see inside her head was in my opinion what truly made this an excellent story. While the romance is secondary, the build-up to the romance is essential to making this story the true masterpiece that it is. I loved how you were never quite sure if Chance and Jack were going to make it; if Chance was finally going to trust herself to love Jack and make a life with him. This story has everything, bumbling idiots, a dark witch, BFF’s, earthquakes, sex (yeah, cannot forget that!), and yum, hot guys! Between the suspense, the romance and the earthquakes one is never quite sure what is going to happen! If you love your romance mixed with suspense and the paranormal then I highly recommend Plan Witch From Out of Town by Heather Long, you definitely do not want to miss this one!

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