Coffee Time Romance & More




January 2010
103 Pages
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

After Brooke Munkle spent fifteen years in an indifferent marriage, she finally decides to live for herself and ask for a divorce. It has been a year and a half and she is spending all her time concentrating on her antique internet company, which is fine because the divorce cost her all her friends and her family's support.

Millicent Match has been given a cupid life sentence by God’s court of disapproving angels because of her gross indifference in her former life as a spoiled rich girl. Partnered with fellow cupid the sexy AJ, Milly must make seven successful matches before her sentence can be considered complete. But she is not very good at matchmaking and Heaven is threatening to take AJ away if she does not make a proper pairing this time around.

Elliott Jovovich is too young and too good looking; at least Millie and Brooke both agree on that. As Millie tries to find a compatible love match for her friend, he is slowly sneaking past Brooke's defenses. She is spending too much time fantasizing about the younger man. She thinks she can keep things simple and she should just give in to her desires. Elliot sees the woman beneath the professional veneer and he is determined to win her heart. What can possible go wrong with two cupids working the case?

Amber Scott couples humor and romance in this engaging tale. What woman would not want a younger, intelligent attractive man to pursue them? I know I for sure do and Elliot makes for a mature and believable hero. Brooke is a sophisticated woman thriving in her new situation and I could not help myself from cheering her along in her budding relationship. Millie is the cohort we all love to read about or chuckle over at the movies but are glad we do not have in our lives. Although, after reading this story, I feel as if Ms. Match has become part of my life, and I cannot wait to see what she gets up to next. The plot is well paced and the dialogue is clever and charming. This is an amusing read for those who like a dash of magic and playfulness in their romances.

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