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ISBN#: 9781607770770
December 2008
Ravenous Romance
205 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Alena has come to the middle of her life feeling like there is something missing. The first half of her life was an exploration of religion and its place in her life and now she is determined to find the woman she is meant to be.

Along the journey she meets Professor Dr Ed. Hammer who shows her another way. Ed is determined that no matter how much time it takes he will be waiting for Alena at the end of her journey and they will be together forever.

Despite the complaints of her controlling mother, loving but scared adult sons, and the flimsy excuses of a husband who no longer cares, Alena moves out and moves on. Along the way she will meet men that she explores herself with but the only one to truly touch her is the professor.

This is a book about middle age self discovery. Midlife crises are common but Alena determines that this is no crisis but it is time she become the woman she wants to be. I loved being along for the journey of a woman who changes no matter how scared she is. The author creates realistic characters that garners many emotions and keeps the reader along for the ride. A story worth telling is a story worth reading and this one will ring true for many readers.

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