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ISBN: 978-1-68252-061-1
January 12, 2016
Loose Id, LLC
177 Pages
LGBT, Contemporary, New Adult
Rating: 4 Cups

Prom night is slowly killing Bryson; or rather, watching one person in particular is doing the job. Dating has always been such a chore for him, and it is finally dawning on him why.

The last couple of relationships for Jasper Reyes have left him feeling broken and used. To get his head together, he plans to spend the rest of his senior year focusing on his grades and graduating, not falling for another jerk.

The second Bryson blurts out “I’m gay” to Jasper, it is like a light bulb and a bomb go off in his head at the same time. His life of eighteen years changes in an instant with the declaration, and there is no going back. With his track record, Jasper is not so quick to give in to his four year crush on Bryson. He knows what it is like to be the gay kid in school, which is a crash course Bryson is going to get whether he wants it or not.

Coming out for Bryson could not be more agonizing. He barely recognizes the truth for himself when he is thrust into the most dreadful arena possible…high-school! Jasper helps him through as best he can, even though his own reputation often makes the situation worse. I love how these two young men support each other during such a sensitive and traumatic time.

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