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ISBN# (10): 1-4201-0424-1/(13): 978-1-4201-0424-0
September 2009
Zebra (Kensington Publishing Corporation)
119 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018
354 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Pleasure: The Shadowdwellers – Sagan

Sagan is a penance priest, a Shadowdweller and a Nightwalker. He is one of the five elite chosen for the priesthood. Now someone wants him dead. He is certain his death is coming.

Valera enjoys her safe haven until some men happen by and her life feels threatened. She uses her magic powers only to end up killing them. She is surprised with what they leave behind.

Valera is used to the cold of the Alaskan territory, but as she enjoys the atmosphere of her wooded surroundings, intruders invade her secret haven. In no time, her magic spell destroys them. In the mayhem of events, she sees a burlap bag and inside is an enchanted prince. Sagan wonders is she a threat to him but she assures she had nothing to do with his binding. At the moment he is too disoriented to use his third power to do anything. Sagan must make sure his people do not fall into danger. The underground city must stay protected. When Sagan realizes Valera means more to him then he could imagine, will he defy his vows for a woman like Valera and will she be willing to let him return home?

Valera and Sagan are magnificent characters. The togetherness they share with each other draws the audience into the storyline. I love where Sagan was thinking for the moment she would be his, allowing his thoughts to delve deep enough that one can feel the love coming from his heart. There are many places that leaped out, allowing one to share in the sensation of the couple, and the differences they share in their life and world. Their love is genuine that it has a way of conquering anything and making it right, as it shows trust, love and believing in oneself. Valera and Sagan’s romance leaves me speechless and wanting more.

Pleasure: The Shadowdwellers – Malaya

Guin is the bodyguard to Malaya. He has known his lovely lady for almost forty years, almost knowing every single one of her expressions. He refuses to ever let her out of his sight.

Malaya has a duty to her people. Even though she has a bodyguard, she is not too keen on him always making sure that he must keep an eye on her every presence. She does not like being treated as a child or being called spoiled.

It was planned if there were ever an attack; Malaya and her twin brother, Tristan, would have a bodyguard and not to search for the other in the event of danger. No matter what happened, they were to speedily not look back but flee. This does not often sit too well with Malaya which results in heated disagreements between her and Guin. Malaya is the type she would turn around and protect Guin if necessary, even though he would hate the idea. The law states any female ruler must take a proper mate. Guin loves her so much it hurts. He does not think he could tolerate her being in the arms of any other man. Can Guin and Malaya find a way to be together or will she have to marry another?

Malaya and Guin have a love relationship that is quite unique. I like the tenacity that both these robust characters bring to life. The love they share is endearing, especially with Malaya’s tears and the way they send awareness to Guin. This is a compelling read that I found heartrending. The non-stop action, as well as the numerous characters that blend in, make this a read hard to put down. Entertaining and enjoyable beyond words, this story is one that captivates.

Pleasure: The Shadowdwellers is non-stop from beginning to end. Jacquelyn Frank has created a masterpiece in this absorbing read.

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